Sunday, December 7, 2008

I should be writing but...

It finally dawned on me about Advent and children this morning. Back story: Ava, DNA holder 1.0, is Fire. She is highly emotional in every positive and negative way you can think of. Music is never loud enough, stories are REAL. Jokes are side splitting. Anger is red in tooth and claw. So how do you teach this child about Advent, the waiting season? Make her wait. We have two Advent calendars, one with stickers one with little windows that hold chocolate. There are two children: Ava and Henry,DNA holder 2.0. This means that one gets the sticker one night and the other gets the chocolate: waiting. But best of all, Nana got them a Playmobil nativity set. Well, we hid the Jesus until Christmas. But Ava keeps finding Him. So now it's a kind of a game, but not. We hide him and give no hints and it is killing her. "Where's Jesus?" "I want Jesus!" Mommy, I really want Jesus, now!" Sounds like good Advent theology to me.

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