Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Compare and Contrast

I'm almost done (3 pages left) with my first semester of seminary. I've been thinking about how I used to feel at the end of the quarter when I was teaching, a mere 6 months ago! At the end of the quarter back then, I always felt that my well was dry, completely spent. The job of inspiring and correcting growth and development was tough work. I needed the three week break to fill up my creative tank. Then, I would watch lots of movies, write and read constantly, and veg alot. Now, I am not empty. I feel very light and free, not exhausted, but excited. I guess this is because I was the one being ministered to over the course of the semester instead of the one handing out at all times. I'm struck by the structure of support and challenge that is built up around the seminarians up here and back home. My family and I are being held up on all levels. We are very thankful and I can't wait for next quarter to start. A few days off will be nice, however.

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