Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Notes Part Deux

Here are my notes in raw form for the litugical year. First off a meditation: The liturgical year allows us to enter into the multi-faceted, multi-valent life of Christ. To simply focus on teh crisis event of Second Birth, i.e. being born again, dramatically narrows the focus of the gospels.

The Easter Cycle
1.) Ash Wednesday
a.)forty days of Lent
b.) Triduum=
1.)Maundy Thursday
2.)Good Friday
3.) Easter Sunday

2.)50 days of Easter
a.)Feast of the Ascension
b.)Concludes with Pentecost

Time after Pentecost, aka ordinary time, about 6 months.
a.) Green growing season
b.) A shift occurs towards end of Pentecost, Nov. 1= All Saints.

As the church year draws to a close we begin to meditate on the end of time (the eschaton){personally I'm a big eschaton fan,however I don't consider the end of time like the Rapture people do. Think Flow, zen, the end of time...}
During this time, the close of the year/time we naturally have Christ the King, which acknowledges the culmination of all things in Christ (proof that God is literally liberal.)

More to come...

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