Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm collecting collects

Collect, pronounced collick (like the baby coughing thing), these are prayers and Episcopalians love 'em. These prayers have a set form (formula for those who only find value in spontaneous prayer). We learned about that form in our creeds class.

Here's the form:
1.)Address to God
2.)Description of God in specific terms of action or attribute
3.)A petition
4.)The result..."so that we may...)
5.)Mediation the Holy Spirit...Our Lord J.C. etc.

Personally, I found this to be a very meditative experience, that tooko longer than I thought. Also, as the article said that we read, I spent more time thinking about God than my own desire and petition, imagine that!

Here goes, I think I'll try to add an original or favorite collect about once a week.

Holy Creator, you have made yourself known to us in the flesh of Jesus the Nazorean. Sanctify, we pray, the work of our bodies. So that our labors may be a shining forth of your faith in us. Through Jesus Christ, our friend and God.

Who's got the guts to post their own?

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