Saturday, January 8, 2011


While taking the General Ordination Exams, I was struck at how important being creative is for me in my work, any work. When I was writing my answers to some of the questions, which were the cognitive equivalent of being painted into a corner, I even got a little depressed because the questions were so limited. Anyway, those are over and I now have a little time to think about some other ideas. I've been working on an idea about iconography and comic books, I've even secured a little grant to do this, and I'll be doing something at the School of Theology this semester. Here is a great interview by a truly great comics artist, she has a lot to say about creativity and the process of creating. Follow the link and you can read it or listen to it.

I've been thinking about writing something about preaching and comics art too, specifically how comics work and how their artist/writers work. There is much that preachers can learn from this visual medium. Enjoy.