Friday, May 1, 2009

Liturgy of the Word

Today, in New Testament, a group of seminarians performed a portion of John. There were 8 people perfoming, seven read and one drummer. They read, very dramatically and artistically, Here's the music they used, along with their reading of the death, and resurrection of Jesus, adn his appearance to the disciples and Thomas. The performance was most effective, and drove home the utter easterness of Christianity.
finally, here is a poem I wrote called liturgy of the word.

Liturgy of the Word

A hymn, psalm, or anthem may be sung.
The processed, but unwitting, griot; flanked by fire.
Holding forth with wind, reeds, and tongue.
The people sit, this brood, the words: their sire.

Puttin' some English on it. Throwing out
A proportion, ratio of chaos-God-life.
Scandalous breath-shapes to the lout,
Born and born again these words in strife.

Clanging in the new ears undopplered.
Thoughout space-time, atmosphere now sounding.
Translated, to this human-soul, the Word!
The fleshing starts in the ear's pounding.

Anamnetic consciousness in crisis,
Meets in slow delight of duty gnosis.