Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Long time...

I haven't touched this blog in so long it was no longer in the history pull down! Update: we're in reading week, I've been reading and writing alot. Read Frederick Buechner's memoir: The Sacred Journey for my creeds class. It was top notch, required reading for modern Christians. Nativity! I will be preaching this Sunday, look for me.

Here's a song by my new hero:


D. Andy Olivo said...

Three Things:

1)Glad you are blogging again.
2)Sufjan Stevens is awesome--thanks for the song to remind me that I need to listen to him more often.
3)We have to read Buechner for our Creed's class? Did I miss that?

Ok, that's all.


Unknown said...


I asked Dr. C to read Buechner because I've wanted to read The Sacred Journey since undergrad, it fit HL Mencken's definition of a great book: talked about, but never read. She let me because she "knows him and worked with him." You didn't miss anything.

See you in the chapel,