Friday, October 24, 2008

Advil, take me away

So there's this Sewanee tradition for the University alums:
1.) Graduate
2.) Make a boat load of money
3.) Buy an old house in Sewanee
a.)trick it out
4.) throw a party for 100 of your closest friends (50% of which must be doctors and "in finance.")
5.) Get the university to supply bartenders

So the tradition continues and now I am a part. Seminary bartenders are as perinnial as the fog up here.I worked two parties today and will work two tomorrow. The bummer part was that I had to work out in the cold tonight, no respect for the working class! The up part was that I worked with Gordon, who is something of a celebrity up here, quite the character. He's an ex-homicide detective so I asked him lots of procedural questions because I want to write a mystery for this year's nanowrimo. All in all the bartending is really fun and I get some tips. Wish me luck for tomorrow, in the mean time my dogs are barking and my back feels old...


penguin_poet said...

I'm doing NaNoWriMo too this year.

What to be guilt buddies?

ukebard said...

Yes indeed, maybe let's work up times to meet and write, you know some blitzes. I wonder is we should cast the net wider? Classifieds?

See you tonight at the bartending.

D. Andy Olivo said...

I like the nanowrimo idea--I have been wanting to write a story and this may be a good way to get me motivated.