Thursday, August 21, 2008

Everything made new

This is stream of conscious, sorry, I have alot to hash out. Orientation is almost over. And what an orientation it has been! The first week was a true orientation process: learning how to live up here on the Mountain. How worship is conducted, how to address people, even how to dress! I got my academic gown. For those who have been to Sewanee, you know that it looks very much like Oxford and a little like Hogwarts. Well, on Wednesday's we wear academic gowns (always unzipped). They say that it is a nod to Oxford and its role in helping the University, I'll look into that.

Worship. Each day we do morning and evening prayer, plus a noon Eucharist. Last week I went to church 16 times! Needless to say, I've learned more about the Book of Common Prayer in the first week than I did in the first several years of trying to plod through it on my own. The BCP is really a wonderful document, and the Bible quotes it all the time! (that's and Episcopalian joke)

That's all for now, I need to get back to class. I'll keep up this blog, because it has recently come to my attention that people actually read it from time to time. But I think the blog will also be a place for me to daily keep track of what I need to, not just a journal but a log on the web, a web log... a blog?

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

That last sentence is a media specialist's joke. Nerdy and funny, just like you (and me apparently).