Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day in the Life

6 a.m.= first born taps my face to wake me.
6:15-7:40=breakfast with children, coffee with groggy mate, get ready,A,H, and BSB spot two skunks in our yards, leave for class.
7:40-7:50=ride bike slowly to School of Theology, watch the school wake up.
7:50-8:00= talk with new friends and the dean.
8:00-8:30= morning prayer and my personal practice.
8:30-8:50=coffee and prep for class
8:50-10:05=Introduction to Theological Writing, taught by a damn genius.
10:05-10:30=break, do email, more coffee, talk.
10:30-11:55: Theo. writing part 2, understand the database and indexes, also how best to use Chicago Manual of Style
11:55-1:00=Lunch, bbq chicken,salad, pink pie.
1:00-2:50=Speaking the word, a public speaking class, today we met in COTA=chapel of the apostles.
St. Paul is really growing on me.
2:50-3:05=Bike home, the place is teeming with undergrads.
3:05-4:40=play, talk, chill with the fam. Life is good.
4:40-5:15=cook tacos, make chips
5:15-6:ish eat, laugh, on the porch, breeze blowing, we are in love with this place.
6:15?=walk to classmate's new house to help her move in.
7:00=walk home, load the kids into the car, pack books, waters, and banjo.
7:05: drive approximately 1.5 miles to the Sewanee Community Center.
7:05-7:10=unload children, walk very slowly into the community center.
7:10-8:30 jam my ass off with some killer musicians. About 6 fiddlers, three guitarist, one other banjo player, and a dulcimer. I loved this so much. We took turns calling the songs, each song was played for about five minutes, "enough time for somebody to learn the song." Another, idea on how long to play was offered by one guy, (in your best Tennessee mountain accent)"We play it until everybody attains, whatchya callit? Nirvana!" And I did. The kids did fairly well, BSB got to do some knitting, and as we left A got to tap out a rhythm on some wooden spoons. Also, as we left we snagged some freebie cukes.
8:30-now=A to bed, H passing out on our bed, this blog, and off to read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

Peace and goodnight

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MMc said...

I am so happy for you, that you are in your element and that A, H and BSB are enjoying their new life in the mountains.