Saturday, July 5, 2008

Support Everywhere!

We just spent the day packing, cleaning, and painting with my parents. H-baby was a little feverish so he was home with us. A-fire was with BSB's parents. We just received our financial aid award from Sewanee, exceedingly generous. And my home parish is having a going away party for us and they have formed a growing seminarian fund for us.

What's all this stream of consciousness for? The point is that BSB and I are at the center of a support storm. It feels good to have so many people rooting for us.

A few weeks ago the Bishop of Atlanta had a dinner for the new seminarians. I never really thought of it, but one of the jobs of most of his staff is to take care of us seminarians and our families. Another theme that arose from the dinner that night was perspective. The Bishop and others continually talked to us about why we are going to seminary: bible, theology,and prayer. The rest is gravy and good, but don't lose sight of why we are there. Also, the long view was given to us: the job market in the coming years, challenges and opportunities in the priesthood etc.
How wonderful to start an adventure with support, perspective and eyes fully open.

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Unknown said...

This is all so exciting! I love reading about the journey from the beginning...

And, as for the support, I KNOW how nice that is so good to be grateful for support and encouragement in the GOOD times as well as the bad.

WTG, man! You rock like the Rolling Stones!