Thursday, June 26, 2008

Best Poem on Fatherhood

By one of this year's Pulitzer prize winners. Click this.


Coop said...

Checkin out latest posts--love fatherhood. love gary snyder.

so...I mean, we buy all this yaya? A few moments step back to look at the whole situation of religion; its axioms, adherants, beliefs, faith, etc. will bring the thinking person to an incredible mileu...either all of these people are nuts or I AM! Truly. I mean, we don't REALLY believe this stuff or as Watts says we would be screaming in the streets. What we believe in is belief itself! Or, we simply don't believe. Or maybe we don't believe, yet like the atmosphere of belief. I dunno. All I know is that after a little while of looking at this mileu with a shred of the critical faculty...there appears to be a massive, chronic neurosis/hallucination going on that is nothing short of disturbing. i.e. that God exists.

very odd indeed.

Unknown said...

I sense a little vitriol. The biggest problem that I have about belief is that it's supposed to be the same for all of us. Christianity is about how we relate ourselves to certain information. Namely, that we recognize that, basically God is something that is biased towards wholeness and transcends all our human understanding. This is where I leave the atheist arguments behind, human intellect ain't everything. So Christianity is a relating, not an acceptance of dogmas, all that is detail. To me it's like getting married and having other married people come up to you and say this is how you need to live as a married person. No, marriage is a relationship between two individuals, and they need to work out how to live into that marriage. The popular concept of belief is indeed intellectually shallow, but to dismiss it out of hand seems equally shallow.