Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lectio, free association for sermon

Old Testament:"invoked the name of the Lord" reminds me of Ava who says, "I want to say God." How do we bless the Lord? Is a blessing an approval? Is a blessing a relenting of some kind? For Abram, soon to be Abraham, he wasn't calling upon years of tradition when he invoked the name of God. "The name" of God explicitly tells us that he was a monotheist, new territory for him and this part of the world.

Timeline: Obiedience, God blesses Abram, Abram becomes a blessing to those around him, and then as people bless Abram, they in turn will be blessed.

the first part of the psalm is about God's power: chosen, look down, fashions, great strength,

then we get into the vocabulary of obidience:fear (awe), waits, help, trust.

recognize our place before God. Not to be subservient, but maybe to actually get rid of that tired old illusion, that we are in control.



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