Sunday, January 20, 2008


Met with the Bishop.

Emory's out. The Director of Anglican studies is going on sabbatical for a year or two.

So that points me squarely to Sewanee. It is the kind of school I want, the right distance to family (or is it the right distance from?), and an Episcopal Seminary. It is important that I get an Episcopal immersion, not growing up Episcopal...

Here's what's on my mind about this meeting with the bishop: I didn't really want to go to Emory. No doubt it is a fine school but I didn't want to be a commuter student. I want to live the seminary life: daily worship, close knit student body, other priest wanna-bes, etc. I'm not going after an academic degree, I'm going to grow a priest!

Check it out.

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Anne said...

I do hope it is Sewanee where you land. You will love it and be sure to get a sandwich at Schnanigans (sp?) Are you visiting next weekend? For all my personal memories of pitfalls, I know that I loved the seen of timelessness there. THe fog and the Oxford like feeling with students and faculty in gowns was "flying" around was dreamlike. Of course with the seminary in different buildings now and somewhat removed from the college, it may all be very different. The chapel, although very modern is breathtaking.
Good luck,
I used by work address and have written down the password :-) Thanks for the tip