Friday, January 11, 2008

Church can be Ugly

I serve on the vestry of my church. For an episcopal church, a vestry is like a board of directors. So we talk alot about budgets and how to keep the church afloat. It's pretty dry stuff, and can sometimes be disheartening. I see alot of people wanting everything from the community but giving not much except a seat on every other sunday. It's hard not to be cynical. I think to the early church where everything was held in common, The "priest" pretty much divvied up all the goods according to need, how wonderfully communistic! How nice that'd be now. Nowadays we deal with the IRS, planned giving, "giving units" (as opposed to people who try to tithe).

But it's been good, I'm learning alot. My priest said that she could write a book about the things you don't get taught in seminary. I'm glad I'm seeing the ugly side now and not later. Funny thing about the word disillusion. It implies being freed from illusion, we usually frame disillusionment in a chagrinned manner. Currently I'm having my rosy glasses taken off...and smashed on the ground

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