Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another Yes

Met with the Comission on Ministry. They are priests and Lay People who help with discernment and deployment. We met for about 45 minutes. They had great questions. One in particular was : Being raised as a Baptist, what will you bring from your upbringing to the Church? I said I'd bring the Bible because I think that the Episcopal Church has been remiss in imparting this wonderful, weird book to its people. The liberals have let the conservatives run off with our book and have religated any real knowledge of it to literalists. The funny thing was that while I was saying all this the priest next to me kept saying "Amen" and "Halleluiah!" This was a surprise, it was like being in a true southern church, I liked it. It was a great way to show support, I think I'll do more of it.

ANyway they supoortedmy call and officially inviteed me to attend seminary. They also got real honest about seminary saying which ones where off limits (General) and which ones they recommended (the one's they went to). I think it's a good sign that they recommended the seminaries they attended. The priests also made no secret of their critiques of the other seminaries.

Continue to pray for us! Amen.

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