Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ready for yes?

I've been spending the last several weeks preparing for a no from the discernment commitee. I'm very comfortable with the idea of a no. But what about a yes?

Last week I was playing banjo with Atlanta's former bishop, Frank Allen. He asked me how I felt about the process, I said it was a very positive experience. He said if I've gotten something out of it then I'd probably get a yes.

A yes?

This has been freaking me out lately, a no is more comfortable. No means the seen, the known. A yes...


Coop said...

This may be a completely off the wall comment--but what do YOU want? And here, I don't think the answer, "the Lord's Will" or anything of that nature would suffice--what do YOU really want?
What does the raw, authentic and flawed YOU want in this situation?

Unknown said...

I want to be a priest, I think I will someday. IF not now, I'm truly ok with that. If not, then I'll keep teaching, writing, playing, all that jazz. It's strange, for a long time, up till about two days ago, I was wholly indifferent to the outcome, now I want it. Not terribly, but I want it.