Sunday, September 23, 2007

Still livin'

I know I'm the only one who read this but...

Yeah, I've been busy. Who isn't? But I've been so busy that almost everything that I've been doing felt like work, the bad kind. The fall break has started and that is a wondreful thing. It's amazing, two days ago i felt disconeected, "not enough butter on too much bread" as Bilbo would say. Now, with one good night of watching pointless t.v. and a good night's rest, I feel great. The next few weeks will still be busy with my parish placement. Look for my notes on a meditation that I will deliver, it's not a sermon. Also, I've got ideas to put down on how I'm dealing with all this. Post a comment if you read this.


Nicole said...

Aw yes, slowing down sometimes is the best medicine. A break and some pointless TV is about all one needs to get reconnected! (I have downloaded at least 15 episodes of South Park since I've been here.) Enjoy your break... all my best to the fam.


Our Side of the Mountain said...

I read this and am happy to be part of your slowing down and pointless tv watching!
Love you!