Thursday, April 19, 2012

Luke study guide for 4/20/12

1.) Read through Luke 12
2.) What does Luke 10:16 mean for disciples? Compare with 8:19-21 and 6:46ff.
3.) Compare and contrast the two "sendings," in chapters 9 and 10.
4.)Who is your neighbor?
5.) Let's spend the entire time looking at Luke 10:30-37
a.) first look at the context in which this parable falls in the book, what book-ends it?
b.) looking back which parables has Jesus already told in the gospel of Luke?
c.) what are the actions of the parable, retell it in your own words with plenty of detail, but only the detail that is given in the text.
d.)When we give parables a title we are interpreting them, is there another title you can think of for this parable?

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