Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This Week's Bible study on Luke-Acts

Friday Morning Bible Study

Luke-Acts for 3/16/12

In an effort to understand the underlying structure, message, and meaning of Luke-Acts, please consider these questions as you read. Below are three levels of involvement in the text.

Level One: Shouldn’t be too hard…

1.) How many chapters are in Luke? How many pages does that represent in your Bible?
2.) How many chapters is Acts? How many pages does that represent in your Bible?
3.) What is the first name mentioned in each book? What does that name mean? Who was this person?
4.) How does the Lucan infancy narrative differ from the Mattean?

Level Two: If you have some extra time…

1.) Read Acts 7:17-44
2.) Read the first four chapters of Luke.
a. Describe in one sentence each, what happens in each chapter.

Level Three: Oh, you really want to get into this….

1.) Read Luke in its entirety. Read for the structure and story, noting big ideas, not details. Try reading it in a contemporary version, such as the Message, to make this easier.


No Bible study in Holy Week 4/6/12

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