Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Senior Sunday

This past Sunday was Senoir Sunday at All Saints' Chapel. It was a time to recognize the seniors who have contributed to the worship life at Sewanee, both undergrad and seminary seniors were recognized. In conjunction with Senior Sunday is Senior Prank Day: a time for seniors to mess with the liturgy. It was all in good fun and I think it shows how much they love and are comfortable in church, here are some highlights.
1.) Moving the row of seats for the priests and chalice bearers (me) to the very edge of the platform. We had to move them back during the first hymn.
2.)(My favorite prank of the day) The seniors have kindly placed a copy of Dianetics in the priest's chair, nothing like the bible of Scientology to brighten a christian priest's day.
3.)Placing limeade in the priests' glasses.
4.) Leaving a plateful of a hardy breakfast in the preacher's nest.
5.)Screaming AMEN! every time the congregation said amen.
6.)Recessing during the final hymn with a hymnal in each hand.

It was fun to watch and be a part of, it sure kept me on my toes, and to expect the unexpected, a too often forgotten sentiment in the church.

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