Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Atlanta Weekend#1 aka St. Joe voodoo child

So I was talking to the Dean of Students and his secretary about how we are selling our house, or not selling our house; and they suggested that I try Saint Joseph. "Huh?" Turns out that there is a hold over here in the "Episcopal Theme Park", a hold over from the Roman Catholic heritage and the cult of saints. So with Saint Joseph you procure a statue of him, bury him upside down in the yard and pray everyday until it sells. I put the call out to the seminary students here and received the requisite smart ass remarks including this gem:
I don't have a St. Joseph statue, but I do have a Jesus action figure that
I would be willing to lend you!
I do know people who have used St. Joseph when they sold their house and
they swear by the technique.
I say try it out, and if St. Joseph can't help you than I am sure that St.
Jude (the patron saint of lost causes) can help!

Here's a link Andy sent that must be seen to believed.
My favorite is "Saint Joseph, my real estate agent." It took less than two hours to find a 3 inch platic St. Joseph that "worked for us." As the responses rolled in I got more and more perscriptions about how to bury Old Joe. Here's what Britt and I settled on: Upside down, facing the house from the west, facing east. Interpret that however you like. The Baptist in me was and is prickling at all this. Saints? Statues? But I do believe in the communion of Saints, and that they can pray for us. So I thought of the act of burying Joe as a physical prayer. God knows our inmost desires, prayer is for us as much as for God. So I cobbled some words together and said something like: St. Joseph, you were homeless on the night of Jesus' birth, take our earnest desire to Creator God in the name of Jesus Christ, our friend and God. Amen. We'll see...

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Unknown said...

We buried St. Joe last Christmas in our yard - in the Western corner of our yard - facing the house. Upside down, nonetheless (and now the kids' nativity set is still missing Poppa Joe ;) but the rest of it is still in AL, anyway) - it can't hurt - good luck.

However, note that I buried St. Joseph in our yard LAST December. like 11 months ago. No offers yet. Hugs and I pray for EVERYONE selling a house right now. Love y'all.